I am the other half of NIWI Ingenjörsfirma HB and my name is Leif Nilsson.
Interests are Electronics, Slotracing, Modellairplanes and cars (especially Hotrods).

Time for the first control at the Swedish car approval after 9 years of hard work....Nervous!

It went through the test........ without any remarks! Why did I worry....?

OK it is finished, then it is just to start using this car!!
Finished.....well, it will never be finished, there are always some modifications or improvements you want to do.

First testdrive!
Sound of engine (after fixing valve pressure and grinding the slot in the rockers to prevent them to touch rocker studs)!
Sound of engine (from front)!
Exhaust sound (Ignitor II installed and sparkplugg gap 0,052")

Home projects (digging and draining around the house)!

New Swedish magazine to look forward to...........!!!